Cows United

2020 was a very divisive year: families have
been separated for extended periods of time,
seeing friends is sometimes impossible, visiting
sick loved ones is forbidden, sharing a coffee
with colleagues is even now done on Zoom,
and countries seem further apart than when
we were born. Governments are blaming each
other for the pandemic, creating dangerous
tensions between different human groups.

We take the opportunity of this new year to go
with you on a virtual world tour and remind
ourselves that no matter the color of our hide,
under it, we are all made of the same material,
and only by being united can we overcome
what fortune will challenge us in the future.

Apis Bull • Egypt

Apis was the most important, highly
regarded bull deity of ancient Egypt. He was
the most significant because he represented
the core cultural values and understanding
of all Egyptians. Each individual deity had
their own sphere of influence and power,
but Apis represented eternity itself and the
harmonious balance of the universe.

Sacred cow • India

Hindus consider the cow to be a
sacred symbol of life, thus protected
and revered. In the Vedas, the oldest
of the Hindu scriptures, the cow is
associated with Aditi, the mother of
all the gods.

Vaquero • Mexico

Many of today’s skills, traditions, and
ways of working with cattle are very
much rooted in the Mexican vaquero.
Vaqueros were proverbial cowboys-
rough, hard-working mestizos who
were hired by the criollo caballeros to
drive cattle. Vaquero is a transliteration
of the words 'cow' and 'man.'

Bull-leaping • Greece

Bulls were a central theme in the
Minoan civilization, with bull heads
and bull horns used as symbols in the
Knossos palace. Minoan frescoes and
ceramics depict bull-leaping, in which
participants of both sexes vaulted
over bulls by grasping their horns.

Bullfights • Spain

Bullfights are very popular spectacles
in Spain, though perhaps nowadays the
craze has died down a bit due to contrasting
public opinions. Some see it as an art form,
as it takes a skillful individual to avoid being
gored and doing so with a certain degree of
grace. Others view the controversial sport as
an example of animal cruelty.

Bull riding • America

American bull riding has been
called "the most dangerous eight
seconds in sports." To receive a
score, the rider must stay on top of
the bull for eight seconds with the
use of one hand gripped on a bull
rope tied behind the bull's forelegs.

Oxen • China

In Chinese culture, oxen are symbols
of wealth, prosperity, diligence, and
perseverance. If you somehow encounter
a cow, the Chinese believe that it is an
auspicious sign signifying that wealth
opportunities will soon arrive.

We are all different, all unique, all strong, all vulnerable,
with different cultures and heritages but the same
future on this planet we share. So stay safe, wash your
hands, and take care of your fellow cows:
We wish you a peaceful year of the Cow!

The world distributed Flow team and associates

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